Video features the following video and audio footage of everyday South Australians, including a paramedic, a plumber and small business owner and a grandmother, talking about the State Budget 2022.

“I'm relieved the State Budget has a plan for the future of our health system and to start addressing problems like ramping.

Fixing our ramping crisis begins with more hospital beds and the recruitment of more doctors, nurses, and 350 more ambulance so that when you need us, we'll get to you on time.

The great thing about the State Budget is they've thought about the future of trades. I run my own plumbing business and it's tough to get good apprentices.

So with building starting on five new technical colleges across the state, there'll be more apprentices with the skills they need to work and the skills I need to get the job done.

And that works for me.

Health and ramping have been a huge problem. So I'm glad the State Budget has a plan to improve things in the future.

I have seven delightful grandchildren now, so starting to fix our ramping crisis with more doctors, nurses and hospital beds will mean better care for me and the people I care about.

State Budget, 22 is for you.
State Budget, 22 is for you.
State Budget, 22 is for you.”