Video shows the following text superimposed onto fast-cut footage from around South Australia:

“We’re building a better South Australia.
Our first budget set a vision
and now it’s time to build it.
Building our economy.
Building our roads.
Better health system.
Better communities.
Better education.
Better environments.
Building our regions.
Building our state.
We are building the foundations for our future.
State Budget 2019-20”

The Marshall Liberal Government’s 2019-20 State Budget is building a strong economy, growing jobs and delivering a bright future for South Australia.

This budget has faced significant challenges with an estimated reduction of $2.1 billion in GST revenues to South Australia since the 2018-19 Mid-Year Budget Review. The government is continuing to invest in key services and the state’s economic infrastructure.

The 2019-20 State Budget delivers operating surpluses every year and ensures a sustainable budget position into the future with the government investing in a massive program of infrastructure investments across the state.

We’re building a better South Australia

$11.9 billion in infrastructure spending to build new metropolitan and regional roads and deliver key infrastructure projects.

$1.4 billion in schools and VET infrastructure, including building three new schools and capital upgrades to facilitate the transition of Year 7 into high school.

$1.1 billion over 8 years on regional road projects and transport infrastructure upgrades.

$834 million to improve road safety in metropolitan and regional areas.

$550 million provisioned to commence the construction of a new Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

$537 million in new health spending, including reactivating the Repatriation General Hospital site as a genuine health precinct.

$104.5 million for a housing sector package to support home buyers, builders and associated trades in the housing market.

$52.4 million to protect and secure our metropolitan beaches such as West Beach and also fund a range of regional coastal works.

$24 million for a racing industry support package.


Adelaide City Deal

$551m OVER 10 YEARS

The state is partnering with the Commonwealth Government and City of Adelaide to deliver a suite of initiatives to create the skilled and productive jobs of the future, boost Adelaide’s population through migration and planning reforms, and enhance cultural experiences by generating greater opportunities in our tourism sector.

The development of Lot Fourteen as an innovation precinct on the old Royal Adelaide Hospital site will be home to leading businesses, entrepreneurs and associated organisations, major cultural attractions and educational programs and facilities.

Housing Sector Package

$104.5m OVER 2 YEARS

A targeted package of measures to support home buyers, builders and associated trades in the housing market. Funding of $42.5 million will be directed to a preventative maintenance and upgrade program of older SA Housing Authority (SAHA) housing stock and a housing construction program by the SAHA. A new time-limited Affordable Housing Fund will provide interest-free deposit gap loans of up to $10 000 through HomeStart. Loans to be available from 1 September 2019 for 2 years.

This package is expected to leverage around $60 million in new lending and support construction of around 170 new homes. The majority of the 90 homes to be built by the SAHA will be sold as affordable homes.

Land Tax Cuts

$16.9m OVER 3 YEARS
The government will reduce the top land tax rate applying to land ownerships above $5 million by 0.1 percentage point each year from 3.7 per cent in 2019-20 to 2.9 per cent from 1 July 2027. This will cost $16.9 million over the forward estimates.

Building on the land tax reforms included in the 2018-19 Budget, it is estimated that the combined reforms will deliver relief of around $50 million per annum indexed from 2020-21 and benefit over 50 000 ownerships, including around 8 000 that will no longer have a land tax liability. Once fully implemented, an ownership with a total site value of $10 million would benefit by around $65 000 per annum.

Space and Defence Precinct

Additional funding of $588 000 over two years will support the establishment of international defence companies at Lot Fourteen, building on $1 million announced in last year’s budget to support the Australian Space Agency at the site.

Lot Fourteen is being rapidly transformed into the innovation capital of the nation, with the Australian Space Agency, SmartSat CRC, Mission Control and the Space Discovery Centre all to call Adelaide home. These developments represent a total investment close to $300 million, positioning South Australia to help triple the size of Australia’s space economy by 2030.

Culinary School

For construction of the International Centre for Food, Hospitality and Tourism Studies on Lot Fourteen, with the Commonwealth Government to contribute $30 million.

Cyber Security

$4.3m OVER 4 YEARS
To invest in a range of automated analytics and monitoring capabilities to better protect government information from cyber attacks and improve shared threat intelligence across agencies.

Infrastructure SA

Ensuring Infrastructure SA has sufficient capacity to undertake the development of the 20-year state infrastructure strategy and 5-year infrastructure plans.

Productivity Commission

$2.3m OVER 4 YEARS
Bolstering the Productivity Commission to enable the Commission to conduct multiple inquiries.

National Collaborative Research

$82.1m OVER 6 YEARS
To support six South Australian based National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy facilities to assist researchers, businesses and international partners to address key national challenges across the state’s growth sectors. This includes state funding of $19.6 million, a commitment from the Commonwealth Government of $47.1 million and $15.4 million from research institutions.

Economic and Business Growth Fund

Tourism Marketing

Additional marketing of South Australia to key international and domestic tourism markets. This builds on the $10 million announced in last year’s budget, bringing the government’s additional funding commitment to $43 million.

Food Sector

$24.3m OVER 3 YEARS
$14 million for road infrastructure, partnering with the Commonwealth Government, and $10.3 million to connect utilities infrastructure to support the new Thomas Foods International processing plant. This includes $6.4 million from the Economic and Business Growth Fund.

Accelerated Discovery Fund

To support industry co-funded exploration activities driving new major minerals discoveries and stimulating growth in the state’s mining sector. Funding will de-risk greenfields exploration, help identify new ground water resources, promote concept testing in new technologies and enable faster access to data by third parties.

Primary Producers

$7.5m OVER 3 YEARS
To implement a red meat and wool industry growth program to significantly improve on-farm productivity, increase product integrity and market confidence to boost the state’s exports of agricultural products.

Screen Production Investment

$6m IN 2018-19
To enable the South Australian Film Corporation to provide additional support for film production, as part of a broader financial assistance package to support the local film, digital and visual effects industry in the state.

South Australian Landing Pad

To establish a South Australian Landing Pad to attract early-stage international and interstate companies to the state with transformational and high-growth potential in job creation across all priority industries.

Business migrants

$3.4m OVER 4 YEARS
Boosting business investment migration to support a targeted increase of 1 000 business migrant nominations to the state each year. This will facilitate a service to work with business migrants, local businesses and industry to capitalise on investment and trade opportunities.

Racing Industry support

$24m OVER 5 years
A grant of $8 million will be provided in 2018-19 – at least $4 million is to fund a range of infrastructure and strategic projects to improve the sustainability of the industry.

From 2019-20, the industry will receive 1.5 per cent of net wagering revenue from the betting operations tax, providing around $4 million per annum to improve its ongoing viability and sustainment of jobs across the state.


$11.9 billion

Total Infrastructure Spend Over 4 Years¹

Significant Investments Include:

Roads Infrastructure


Water and Sewerage Infrastructure


Health Facilities


Schools and VET Infrastructure


Public Transport


Residential Housing


Women’s and Children’s Hospital


Provisioned to commence the construction of a new Women’s and Children’s Hospital, immediately west of, and connected to, the Royal Adelaide Hospital. The final business case, detailed planning and cost estimates for the new hospital will be progressed over the course of 2019-20.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

For stage 3 of the QEH redevelopment, providing for a new clinical services building, including emergency department, outpatient services, operating theatres and clinical support.

Modbury Hospital

For upgrades and additional services, including a new acute surgical ward for more complex elective surgery, a purpose built palliative care facility and acute medical unit, as well as refurbishment works to ensure quality health services continue to be delivered to residents of the north-eastern suburbs.

Country Health facilities

The state government’s commitment to spend $14 million per annum for 10 years from 2018-19 to address vital sustainment works and significantly improve the amenity of our regional hospitals and health infrastructure.

SA Water Zero Cost Energy Future

Installation of solar PV generation and storage solutions to enable SA Water to achieve zero net electricity costs from 2020. This includes installing solar PV generation and energy storage around the state.

Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme

To construct the Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme which will supply treated water from the Bolivar Wastewater Treatment Plant to the Northern Adelaide Plains, increasing horticultural activity and irrigated food production. Partnering with the Commonwealth Government, this initiative is expected to add more than $500 million each year to the state’s economy.

Gawler Rail Electrification

Partnering with the Commonwealth Government to electrify and modernise the Gawler rail line, delivering a faster, cleaner and reliable service. This includes the purchase of additional electric trains.

Main South Road

To duplicate Main South Road from Seaford to Aldinga, providing for dual lanes to continue to Aldinga, improving road safety, local community access and supporting continued growth in tourism in the southern region.

Extension of the Tonsley Rail Line

Partnering with the Commonwealth Government to extend the Tonsley rail line to the Flinders Medical Centre and Flinders University, including an elevated single track over Sturt Road, Laffers Triangle and Main South Road, an integrated shared pedestrian and cycle path along the rail line and construction of a new station adjacent to the Flinders Medical Centre.

New Schools

To build three new government schools across the state, including a Year 7 to 12 secondary school in Whyalla and birth to Year 12 schools under public-private partnerships in the Munno Para and Sellicks Beach/Aldinga regions, addressing projected enrolment demand from strong population growth in these areas.

Adelaide Festival Plaza

State contribution for the redevelopment of the Festival Plaza public realm and upgrades to the Adelaide Festival Centre. This is complemented with significant investments from Walker Group Holdings for the construction of a 24 storey office tower, carpark and retail space and from SkyCity Adelaide for the expansion of the Adelaide Casino, creating a Riverbank which is a driver of economic growth and destination of choice.

1. Non-Financial Public Sector purchase non-financial assets.
2. General government sector purchases of non-financial assets excluding the Royal Adelaide Hospital financial lease of $2.8 billion in 2016-17.
3. 2019-20 includes TAFE SA purchasing TAFE SA sites currently held by Renewal SA.


The government recognises that South Australia’s regions are crucial for the future prosperity of our state. We are implementing a range of initiatives to grow economic opportunity and security and improve community infrastructure in regional communities.

Remote Housing

To address critical housing needs for people in remote communities in partnership with the Commonwealth Government. The funding will be applied towards maintaining existing service delivery including tenancy management, maintenance and replacement of housing stock at the end of its life.

Government High Schools

$32.7m OVER 5 YEARS
Additional resources have been provided to fund a range of capital upgrades to regional high schools, including to facilitate the transition of Year 7 into high school and to redevelop the Berri Senior Campus of Glossop High School.

South Australia’s Dog Fence

Australia’s national dog fence is the longest continuous fence in the world, protecting livestock which is vital to regional communities from wild dog and dingo attacks. The government will deliver this
multi-generational investment, to replace the ageing 1600 km component of South Australia’s dog fence with the Commonwealth and state governments providing $10 million each and industry providing $5 million.

Mount Gambier Community Hub

Towards the $39.1 million new Mount Gambier Regional Community and Recreation Hub, which will be a multi use recreation facility with conference rooms, six sporting courts, aquatics facilities, crèche, café, offices, and car parking facilities. The Commonwealth Government has committed $15 million towards the project.

Remote Area Energy Supply Scheme

$5.6m OVER 5 YEARS
A package of measures to ensure the future sustainability of electricity service arrangements in remote communities, including the installation of smart meters to improve energy efficiency for households and the development of a pre-payment framework to reduce customer energy debts.

Outback Infrastructure

Additional funding to undertake essential maintenance on outback infrastructure including UHF repeater towers, airstrips, community waste water systems and public toilet facilities. This will be funded through an Asset Sustainability Levy to be charged to outback landholders, subject to consultation with residents on the final fee structure.

Regional Roads and Infrastructure Fund

The government continues to make available 30 per cent of mineral and petroleum royalties towards maintaining and improving the performance of regional and remote transport networks.


Across Regions

$15.5m OVER 5 YEARS
To upgrade regional high schools to facilitate the transition of Year 7 into high school and meet system growth.

To facilitate new minerals discoveries and new mine development in our regions.

$3.3m Over 4 years
To upgrade our parks to activate nature and heritage based tourism.

$4.5m OVER 4 YEARS
To support the CFS to meet national heavy vehicle laws.

To secure our regional coastline.

$1.8m OVER 5 YEARS
To provide dependents of 457 and 482 visa holders with an exemption from student education contribution fees.

For additional upgrades to SES facilities.

Adelaide Hills

$9m OVER 3 years
To establish a Heysen Gallery at Hahndorf.

$400 000
To support Lot 100 Beverage to increase craft spirits, beer and cider production.

Murray and Mallee

To support the development of a new Thomas Foods International processing plant near Murray Bridge, partnering with the Commonwealth Government.

$17.2m OVER 5 YEARS
To redevelop the Berri Senior Campus of Glossop High School.

$9.4m OVER 4 YEARS
To support the health of the River Murray.

Towards a new Monarto Zoo visitor centre.

Barossa, Light and Lower North

For capital works to upgrade and modernise the Gawler and District College B-12.

$6m IN 2019-20
To upgrade the Kroemers Crossing Roundabout.

Limestone Coast

$8m IN 2019-20
To upgrade two Smith Street roundabouts in Naracoorte.

$500 000
To support development of a freight handling, transhipping and loading facility in Bordertown.

$387 000
To support the Royal Flying Doctor Service South East to develop a purpose built health clinic.

$334 000
To upgrade Kingston SE’s three main streets.

Yorke and Mid North

For the Port Wakefield Overpass and Highway duplication.

For capital works to upgrade and modernise the John Pirie Secondary School.

Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island

$20m OVER 2 years
To refurbish the Granite Island causeway to restore safe load limits.

To connect parks along the Fleurieu Peninsula southern coastline, including new and upgraded facilities at Deep Creek Conservation Park.

To further improve Kangaroo Island road infrastructure.

Far North, Eyre and Western

To support the North West Indigenous Pastoral Project.

$1m IN 2019-20
For the Whyalla Taskforce to further support the transformation and sustainability of the Whyalla Steelworks.


The government recognises the importance of our road corridors for commuter and freight traffic and is committed to minimising congestion on our road network to support the efficient movement of local, interstate and international freight. We are partnering with the Commonwealth Government on a range of projects to invest in our road network to bust congestion and reduce accidents and travel time for commuters.

Road Safety Package

$834m OVER 4 YEARS
To improve safety in metropolitan and regional areas.

Key elements include:

$692m for new road projects, including level crossing and intersection upgrades, duplication and targeted works on key regional roads

$75.5m to undertake shoulder sealing, install additional overtaking lanes, and resurfacing on the Sturt Highway, Barrier Highway, Eyre Highway and Princes Highway

$33.4m for SA Police to undertake road safety public campaigns and communications

$18m to continue our strategic road safety community partnerships

$12.9m to improve our most dangerous roads under the National Blackspot Program, funded by the Commonwealth Government

$1m to improve Kangaroo Island road infrastructure

$590 000 to establish a Road Safety Committee to lead the state’s road safety strategy

$150 000 to implement a cross-agency road safety data analytics capability to inform future road safety decisions.

Level Crossing Upgrades

$231m OVER 3 YEARS
To undertake a grade separation at Torrens Road, Ovingham.

To undertake a grade separation of the Seaford rail line at Brighton Road, Hove.

Congestion busting projects

To upgrade the intersection of Portrush and Magill roads to improve travel times, safety and address congestion.

To upgrade the Fullarton Road and Cross Road intersection.

To ease congestion for road users at one of Adelaide’s busiest traffic junctions at Springbank/Daws Road and Goodwood Road through creating a four way intersection. The budget includes $35 million towards this project.

To improve traffic flow at the intersection at Glen Osmond and Fullarton roads.

To upgrade the intersection at Main North Road and Nottage Terrace.

To upgrade the intersection at Grand Junction, Hampstead and Briens roads.

To upgrade the intersection at Main North/Kings and McIntyre roads.

Flagstaff Road

To complete the widening of Flagstaff Road, to add a fourth lane making it a permanent two lane dual carriageway, in line with the government’s election commitment, bringing total funding for the project to $32.9 million.

$1.1 billion regional road projects and transport infrastructure upgrades over 8 years

To upgrade the Princes Highway, including road widening, safety upgrades, new overtaking lanes, duplication along key sections and town bypasses.

To upgrade roads on the Eyre Peninsula, including the Eyre Highway from Port Augusta to the Western Australia border.

To upgrade the Sturt Highway from Renmark to Gawler.

To upgrade the Barrier Highway from Cockburn to Burra.

$1m OVER 4 years
Additional funding to improve road infrastructure on Kangaroo Island.

To fund safety upgrades including new overtaking lanes and shoulder sealing.

To duplicate Victor Harbor Road from Main South Road to McLaren Vale.

To improve the Horrocks Highway by constructing additional overtaking lanes and shoulder sealing to reduce dangerous overtaking activity.

$14m IN 2019-20
To provide safe access for staff and heavy freight vehicles to the new Thomas Foods International processing plant which will support around 2 000 ongoing jobs.

$14m IN 2019-20
To upgrade the Naracoorte and Kroemers Crossing roundabouts.

$11m IN 2019-20
To provide enhanced access to the Dublin saleyards supporting the state’s livestock industry.

$1m IN 2019-20
To enable road train access to Bratten Bridge on the Eyre Peninsula.

North-South Corridor


In additional funding towards the completion of the North-South Corridor, as one of Adelaide’s most important transport corridors and the major route for north and south bound freight and commuter traffic between Gawler and Old Noarlunga.

This additional funding forms part of a joint total commitment of $5.4 billion with the Commonwealth Government over the life of the project.

Public Transport

$8m IN 2019-20
For a new station on the Tonsley line, with improved lighting, security and accessibility for residents and commuters.

Adelaide Railway Station

$2.7m IN 2018-19
To enable Renewal SA to restore the exterior heritage facade of the Adelaide Railway Station.



Aboriginal Art and Cultures Gallery

Provisioned to facilitate the construction of the Aboriginal Art and Cultures Gallery at Lot Fourteen as a national centrepiece of contemporary and historical aboriginal art, including a commitment of $85 million from the Commonwealth Government. Funding of $500 000 in 2019-20 is also provided to progress the business case, detailed planning and final cost estimates for the new gallery.

Adelaide Festival

$3.8m OVER 3 YEARS
To support the Adelaide Festival to continue to attract major performance events over the next three years.

Aboriginal Cultural Collection

$2.6m OVER 2 YEARS
Storage facility upgrade to protect the state’s comprehensive collection of Aboriginal cultural material.


Granite Island Causeway

To refurbish the Granite Island causeway to restore safe load limits.

Key State Venues

$11.7m OVER 4 YEARS
To provide a range of facilities and maintenance upgrades at the Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide Entertainment Centre and Coopers Stadium so each venue can continue to deliver world-class events into the future.

National Wine Centre

$9.2m OVER 4 YEARS
For a staged program of asset replacement and renewal at the National Wine Centre precinct as part of a total commitment of $14.1 million over ten years.

Monarto Zoo

Towards a new Monarto Zoo visitor centre, that will leverage Commonwealth Government funding and support private sector investment for Monarto’s Wild Africa expansion. This initiative will be funded from the Regional Growth Fund.


Memorial Drive

$10m IN 2018-19
To enable Tennis SA to deliver infrastructure improvements to the Memorial Drive centre court precinct, including a new roof to cover the centre court area.

Sports Infrastructure

$500 000 OVER 2 YEARS

To develop a State Sports and Recreation Infrastructure Plan to support sports participation from the grass roots through to the elite level.


$537m in new expenditure

Sustainable and Efficient Health System

$451m OVER 5 YEARS

The government provided over $1.2 billion in additional funding for the state’s health system in the 2018-19 State Budget, as well as $83 million in the 2018-19 Mid-Year Budget Review. This included funding to reduce the former government’s savings targets, with the aim to reach national average efficiency levels in health service delivery by 2021-22.

The government remains committed to this objective, and steps have already been taken to improve the performance of our health system, including the commencement of financial and organisational recovery plans in the Central Adelaide Local Health Network, and in SA Pathology.

Funding in the 2019-20 State Budget recognises that financial targets for the portfolio have not been achieved in 2018-19. A significant savings task remains and SA Health will continue to drive efficiencies and service improvements across the sector.

Repatriation General Hospital

$69.1m OVER 4 YEARS

To reactivate the Repatriation General Hospital site as a genuine health precinct, comprising new state-wide specialised brain and spinal injury rehabilitation facilities, rehabilitation gymnasium and town square. Planning continues for surgical and procedural services, enhanced care transition capacity, dementia care and older persons mental health services. This includes $30 million from the Commonwealth Government.

$5.0m IN 2018-19
To establish a state-wide eating disorder service at the Repatriation General Hospital site. Commonwealth Government funding for the project will be delivered to the Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation which will construct and own the purpose built facility.

Royal Adelaide Hospital

$5.0m IN 2019-20
To ensure continued storage and transport services for paper medical records until the installation of a new electronic patient medical records system is complete.

Youth Treatment Orders

$1.8m OVER 4 YEARS
To establish a government funded legal representation scheme for children subject to a Youth Treatment Order application.

Royal Flying Doctor Service

$387 000
To the Royal Flying Doctor Service South East to develop a purpose built clinic, providing quality and culturally safe health care and social services to remote communities. This initiative will be funded from the Regional Growth Fund.


$611m more will be spent in 2022-23 compared to 2018-19

$185.3m OVER 7 YEARS

For a comprehensive package of capital upgrades to government schools across the state to facilitate the transition of Year 7 into high school in 2022 and accommodate additional growth in the school system.

The 2019-20 State Budget includes significant investments in infrastructure across our government schools, including Unley High School, Norwood Morialta High School and Adelaide High School.

$110.1m OVER 5 YEARS
To ensure that South Australian schools are funded for the anticipated growth in student enrolment.

$17.2m OVER 5 YEARS
To redevelop the Berri Senior Campus of Glossop High School and consolidate the school’s two campuses.

$1.8m OVER 5 YEARS
To provide dependents of 457 and 482 visa holders attending government schools in regional areas with an exemption from student contribution fees from 1 January 2019.

High-speed Internet

The government has commenced a landmark project with Telstra worth more than $80 million to connect government schools in South Australia to high-speed internet. More than 20 000 students are already connected and we are on track to deliver high-speed internet to every government school student in the state by the middle of 2020. Fast internet is a critical component of learning in the modern world and to delivering a world-class education system in South Australia.

Training and Skills

$26.8m OVER 4 YEARS

Additional support for TAFE SA, as it continues to reform its operations to be a competitive provider of vocational education services.


Ownership of key TAFE SA properties will be transferred from Renewal SA to TAFE SA in 2019-20, providing the organisation with greater control of the use of the properties going forward.


Saving Our Beaches

$52.4m OVER 4 YEARS
To protect and secure our metropolitan beaches such as West Beach and also fund a range of regional coastal works. This includes $48.4 million for immediate sand carting and critical sand replenishment on our metropolitan coastline and the construction of a pipeline from Semaphore South to West Beach. A grants program of $4 million will assist local councils with a range of regional coastal protection works.

Waste Modernisation and Transition Package

$10 million to assist councils and the waste management industry to transition and modernise following changes to international market conditions. $2 million will be provided to the Environment Protection Authority for compliance and audit activities and to review the container deposit scheme.

$11.8m For our state’s parks and open spaces

Great Southern Ocean Walk

For a new day visitor facility and universally accessible walking trail, and upgrades to campgrounds and the Cape Jervis to Deep Creek section of the Heysen Trail.

Park Renewal Investment

$3.3m OVER 4 YEARS
For the first stage of upgrades and improvements to parks supporting nature and heritage based tourism and experiences across the state.

Glenthorne National Park

$2.5m IN 2019-20
For continued development of infrastructure at Glenthorne National Park including enhanced fencing, lighting, security, utilities and land management to improve visitor amenity. This is in addition to the $10 million announced in the 2018-19 Budget.

Support for the River Murray

$9.4m OVER 4 YEARS
To operate, maintain and monitor assets built under the South Australian Riverland Floodplains Integrated Infrastructure Program for the state to meet its Basin Plan obligations.


The government is making a number of significant new investments to support housing across the state and to deliver better services to South Australian children and their families.


To address critical housing needs for people in remote communities in partnership with the Commonwealth Government. The funding will be applied towards maintaining existing service delivery including tenancy management, maintenance and replacement of housing stock at the end of its life.

$42.5m OVER 2 YEARS
Towards a preventative maintenance upgrade and construction program for SA Housing Authority’s stock. This includes $21.1 million for preventative maintenance on older homes and $21.4 million for a housing construction program, including the building of around 90 new homes.

Disability Support

$6.7m IN 2019-20
To support the completion of service reform and disability functions as part of the state’s full transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). This is in addition to the state’s commitment to contribute towards NDIS services to South Australians.

Royal Commission

$5.5m OVER 3 YEARS
To establish a central response unit to address and coordinate the state’s response to the Commonwealth Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with a Disability.

Child Protection

Additional resources
$26.9m OVER 3 YEARS
To meet additional costs for children in out-of-home care. The state continues grow the number of family based care placements which should improve outcomes for children and young people in care as well as reduce service costs.

Intensive Family Support

For a two year trial of an intensive family support program to assist vulnerable families in Northern Adelaide.

Early Intervenion

$2.3m IN 2019-20
To extend the Child and Family Assessment and Referral Networks (CFARNs) pilots for a further year. The CFARNs provide children and their families with coordinated and targeted early intervention support to improve their safety, health, development and education outcomes.

Family Group Conferences

$1.6m OVER 2 YEARS
To pilot family group conferences convened by the Chief Executive under the Children and Young People (Safety) Act 2017 to provide an opportunity to identify a safe, appropriate family care option for a child or young person identified as at risk.

Domestic Violence

$383 000 IN 2019-20
Additional funding to continue the government’s ongoing commitment to combat domestic and family violence. Funding will enable the trial of the state-wide Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme to continue.


Police Communications Centre Upgrade

$16.5m OVER 3 YEARS
To upgrade the police communications centre as a vital piece of infrastructure to ensure that it meets modern building and security standards and continues to serve as the state’s primary communication and emergency coordination centre.

Expiation Notice System

$7.7m OVER 4 YEARS
To replace the current Expiation Notice System, which records, issues and administers expiation notices for road traffic offences, as well as the processing of hand written notices and notices issued by government agencies, with a more contemporary system.

Fixated Threat Assessment

$3.1m OVER 4 YEARS
To provide the state with a strategic and coordinated fixated threat assessment capability involving cross collaboration between health and police professionals to mitigate the threat of mass casualty terrorism events. Expert mental health advice will be available to police when assessing and interacting with fixated persons.

District Policing Model

$18.6m OVER 4 YEARS
To implement the second stage of a new policing strategy aimed at addressing the underlying issues that create repeat demand for police services.

Counter Terrorism

$9.5m OVER 4 YEARS
To further progress the government’s election commitment to provide an enhanced rapid response capability which enables our police to safely resolve high risk incidents, including terrorist threats. Dedicated police teams will be available for deployment prior to the STAR group, enabling early response to major events or high risk incidents which threaten community safety.

Adelaide Women’s Prison

$13.9m OVER 4 YEARS
To meet the costs for the operation of 40 new beds at the Adelaide Women’s Prison from December 2019. This funding is in addition to the $35.8 million provided in last year’s budget to build additional prison beds.


$4.5m OVER 4 YEARS
To ensure the Country Fire Service meets compliance standards under National Heavy Vehicle laws, including facilitating the transport of vehicles for rotating inspections, providing regular maintenance checks and audits of services.

$4.3m OVER 4 YEARS
To roll out new personal protective equipment to maximise safety for Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) firefighters.

$1.9m OVER 2 YEARS
To support the MFS with medical testing of firefighters and remediation of sites and appliances exposed to Per- and Poly-fluoroalkyl substances found in firefighting foam.

To provide a range of facilities and maintenance upgrades of State Emergency Service units, bringing the total annual capital program to $4.5 million per annum.


South Australia has experienced a significant reduction to estimated GST revenues of $2.1 billion since the 2018-19 Mid-Year Budget Review, reflecting both weaker national GST revenue and a lower share of the national GST pool.

The government has taken a disciplined approach to new measures in the budget, focused on investing in key services and infrastructure to grow the economy. The government has chosen not to cut public services to a level that would fully offset the loss of GST revenue recognising the impact this could have on South Australians.

Reducing Cost of Living

Motor Vehicle Charges
$114 - reduction in CTP fees available for a standard four cylinder passenger vehicle from 1 July 2019.
The government will increase registration fees by 5 per cent from 1 July 2019, as well as registration and licensing administration fees which have not increased since 2011. Overall, an owner registering a four cylinder passenger vehicle in the metropolitan area could be up to $103 better off in 2019-20.

ESL Remissions
The government is continuing to provide general remissions for fixed property, returning $90 million back to the community each year.

A Fairer Tax System

Payroll Tax Compliance
RevenueSA will undertake additional payroll tax compliance work to increase taxpayer compliance with payroll tax obligations.

Land Tax Aggregation
Introduction of an improved approach to land tax aggregation to facilitate greater equity across taxpayers.

Fees and Charges

The government will index most fees and charges by 5 per cent in 2019-20. Public transport fares will increase by 2 per cent, and low range speeding fines will increase by 1.7 per cent.

Consumer and Business Services fees
Fees relating to occupational licences, including for builders, plumbers, gas fitters and electricians, as well as certificates for births, deaths and marriages will increase by 10 per cent.

Extractive Mineral Industry Licence Fees
Fees are being reformed to improve cost recovery for environmental protection and rehabilitation processes, establish a more equitable approach to exploration licence fees based on mineral prospectivity and remove outdated rental discounts for some mining companies.

Hospital Car Park Fees
Fees for staff and public car parking at the majority of metropolitan hospital sites have not increased since 2011 and will increase from 1 January 2020. Staff car parking increases will bring hospital car parking rates in line with the cost of catching public transport.

Solid Waste Levy
The solid waste levy in the metropolitan area will increase to $110 per tonne on 1 July 2019, then to $140 per tonne from 1 January 2020 to support a range of climate change initiatives in the budget, including to protect and secure our metropolitan beaches such as West Beach and also fund a range of regional coastal works.

Public Transport
Fares for trips within two public transport sections will be removed - leading to a reduction in fare evasion. The $5 fee for metrocards will be reintroduced to encourage reuse of cards.

Water and Sewerage Prices
Increases in water and sewerage prices will be capped at an average of 1.3 per cent in 2019-20. For the average metropolitan residential customer this will mean a combined water and sewerage bill increase of around $16, lower than increases of $23 in 2018-19 and $31 in 2017-18.

Capping NRM Levies
From 1 July 2019, NRM levy increases will be limited to the consumer price index as part of the government’s significant reform to the way our natural resources are managed.

The 2019-20 State Budget includes new operating savings of $361.6 million over 4 years.

Budget papers

The Budget papers are split into five papers:

  • Budget Overview
  • Budget Speech
  • Budget Statement
  • Budget Agency Statements
  • Budget Measures Statement


2019-20 Mid-year Budget Review

On 9 December 2019 the Hon. Rob Lucas released the 2019–20 Mid-Year Budget Review.

Budget Paper 1: Budget Overview

A summary publication capturing all highlights from the 2019-20 Budget.

Budget Paper 2: Budget Speech

A copy of the Treasurer’s speech, delivered to Parliament on 18 June 2019.

Budget Paper 3: Budget Statement

A financial report presenting the State Government’s current and estimated future economic performance, fiscal strategy, budget priorities, expenditure, revenue, assets, liabilities, risks and government business.

Budget Paper 4: Agency Statements

Various financial reports presenting the State Government’s current and estimated revenue, expenses and performance by agency.
Volume 1 - PDF
Volume 2 - PDF
Volume 3 - PDF
Volume 4 - PDF

Budget Paper 5: Budget Measures Statement

A financial report detailing the State Government’s expenditure, savings and revenue initiatives.

We’re Building a better South Australia

Building a strong economy, growing jobs and delivering a bright future for South Australia.










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We’re Building a better South Australia

Building a strong economy, growing jobs and delivering a bright future for South Australia.

Budget papers

The Budget papers are split into five papers:

  • Budget Overview
  • Budget Speech
  • Budget Statement
  • Budget Agency Statements
  • Budget Measures Statement


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