101 doctors

$65.4 million over four years

to recruit additional doctors, including specialists, in Adelaide and regional South Australia

300 nurses

including $23.9 million over four years

to recruit 76 additional nurses across our hospital system in priority areas of need

Health savings relief

$400 million over five years

the 2022-23 Budget reduces the savings task on SA Health by the former government

COVID-19 related health costs

$648 million over two years

$488 million in 2021-22 and $200 million in 2022-23 to address the continuing but reducing need for COVID-19 related health support programs

Flu vaccinations

All South Australian residents will be eligible for free flu vaccination up to 30 June 2022 reducing impacts on public hospitals

Supporting community health

Medic nurses in custodial facilities
$13.9 million over four years

Nganampa Health Services - support for Gayle’s Law
$5.2 million over four years

Motor Neurone Disease SA funding
$2.4 million over four years

Pharmacist’s package
$1.8 million over four years

Support for Heartkidz
$1 million over four years

24-hour pharmacies
$900 000 over three years

Independent voice for patients
$800 000 over four years

Asbestos Diseases SA funding
$400 000 over four years

Cancer Council anti-tobacco strategy
$400 000 over four years