Safety & Accessibility

Port Rail Spur

$55.1 million over four years

to reinstate the construction and operation of the Port Rail Spur from the Outer Harbor line

Improving transport to Mount Barker and the Adelaide Hills

$29.4 million over four years

including $12 million to establish a new dedicated express service fleet and depot

Automated protection system – Seaford line

$10 million over 2 years

to optimise the operation of the automated protection system on the Seaford rail line and minimise traffic delay. This project is funded in partnership with the Commonwealth

Increased surveillance of taxis and rideshare

$2.2 million over four years

to strengthen compliance activity to enforce the Passenger Transport Act

Noarlunga interchange

$2 million in 2023-24

to upgrade Noarlunga station including installing a new escalator and improving lighting and security

Clarence Park train station

$1.6 million in 2022-23

to upgrade Clarence Park train station

West Croydon pedestrian rail crossing

$1.5 million in 2022-23

to install an activated crossing near Kilkenny Primary School

Overland train subsidy

$1.4 million over four years

to ensure the continued running of the Overland train service between Adelaide and Melbourne

Tambelin railway station

$530 000 in 2022-23

to construct a car park and kiss and ride space adjacent to the station

West Croydon train station CCTV

$500 000 in 2022-23

to install CCTV at West Croydon Railway station

Regional public transport

$416 000 over four years

for investigations into how to better integrate public transport opportunities in regional centres

Concierge service at managed taxi ranks

$860 000 over four years

to improve safety in the CBD at night for people waiting for taxis at identified ranks

Ending Trains and Trams Privatisation

$1 million in 2022-23

to fund a Commission of Inquiry to advise the government on the return of the train and tram operations back into public ownership