Children and Young People in Care

$128.9 million over five years

additional funding to meet the cost of caring for more children and young people in non-family based care and expected higher growth in the number of children and young people requiring a child protection statutory response to keep them safe from abuse

Child Protection Grants

$7.5 million over four years

for services for children and young people in care and their carers, and young people who have left care

Multicultural affairs

$16 million over four years

to provide additional funding to support multicultural events and initiatives

Cross-Border Commissioner

$2.1 million over four years

to establish a Cross-Border Commissioner to assist with differing policies across borders, streamlining processes for border communities and reducing red tape for both residents and businesses

Victim support services

$2 million over four years

to provide funding for the Victim Support Service programs including the Court Companions and the Safer Places initiatives

Disability community visitor scheme

$1.9 million over four years

to extend the Disability Community Visitor Scheme to ensure safeguarding oversight in government-run homes, non-government disability support services and where necessary in private homes

Fairness at Work Measures

$1.5 million over three years

for Fairness at Work Measures including the extension of the portable long service leave initiative to the community services industry

Domestic violence hubs

$1 million over three years

to establish northern and southern domestic violence prevention and recovery hubs to undertake work to support and empower women and raise community awareness of domestic violence and related issues

Family drug support

$1 million over four years

to invest in family drug support to provide vital counselling and support to the families of drug users

Men’s and women’s sheds

$1 million in 2022-23

for a grant program for women’s and men’s sheds to promote mental health and wellbeing in the community

RSPCA funding

$1 million over four years

to the RSPCA to support their activities, in particular in relation to enforcing animal welfare laws

Lived Experience Leadership And Advocacy Network (LELAN)

$800 000 over four years

to support LELAN’s work

SIDS and Kids SA

$800 000 over four years

to support continued access to family bereavement counselling following the loss of an infant

Gold Foundation autism commitment

$300 000 over four years

for the Gold Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation providing support for young people on the autism spectrum and their families

Fee-free intervention orders

$160 000 over four years

for the removal of the initial lodgement fee for private intervention order applications

LGBTQIA+ Advisory Council

$80 000 over four years

to investigate and report on issues impacting on the LGBTQIA+ community

Minister’s Youth Advisory Council

$80 000 over four years

to fund the Minister’s Youth Advisory Council to report to the Minister on issues impacting young South Australians

BRAGG by-election

$600 000 in 2022-23

to conduct the Bragg by-election

Uluru Statement from the Heart

$2.1 million over four years

to commence the process of implementation for the Uluru Statement from the Heart, including restarting the treaty process, providing an Aboriginal Voice to Parliament

Continuation of rheumatic fever strategy

$1.4 million over four years

improved detection, monitoring and management of acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. Funded by the Commonwealth

Aboriginal monuments

$1 million over two years

for the design and delivery of appropriate monuments to mark the contribution of six Aboriginal leaders following consultation with the South Australian community

Commission on Aboriginal incarceration rates

$500 000 in 2022-23

to establish an advisory commission to develop options to reduce the rate of Aboriginal people in custody

Cultural mapping project

$450 000 over three years

to undertake a cultural mapping project in and around Mount Terrible at Sellicks Hill